What If... Captain America had been elected president? #26

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Cover inks by Marie Severin. "What If Captain America Were Elected President?", script by Mike W. Barr, Roger McKenzie ("idea"), Don Perlin ("idea"), Roger Stern ("creative contributions"), and John Byrne ("creative contributions"), pencils by Herb Trimpe (breakdowns) and Mike Esposito (finished art), inks by Mike Esposito; Captain America agrees to run as the New Populist Party's candidate for president; He tags Senator Andrew Jackson Hawk as his running mate to make up for his lack of political experience and the ticket wins with a decisive majority; As president, Cap reveals his identity at his inauguration, provides America with limitless energy with an orbital solar collecting station, and provides rebels in San Pedro with solar weapons to overthrow the dictatorship there; Red Skull app. "What If...The Man-Thing Had Regained Ted Sallis' Brain?", script by Steven Grant, pencils by Herb Trimpe, inks by Bob Wiacek; In a world where Dr. Oheimer didn't die in Man-Thing Vol 2 #1, he's hired by the FBI to continue his research and restore the human mind of the Man-Thing; While it progresses, a high-ranking government official named Bendix schemes to isolate the Super-Soldier Serum from Man-Thing's tissue samples; When he succeeds, he has Oheimer's project shut down and tries to have the Man-Thing killed. "Outpost on Uranus," script by Mark Gruenwald, pencils by Ron Wilson (breakdowns) and Bruce Patterson (finished art), inks by Bruce Patterson; Uranos and two dozen other Eternal exiles are beamed into space as punishment for the civil war they waged; They alter their trajectory enough to come across a Kree outpost on Uranus; history of the Eternals. Hostess Twinkies ad with Spider-Man, inks by Joe Sinott. 52 pgs. Cover price $0.75.