What If... Dazzler had become the herald of Galactus and...? #33 NM

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"What If the Dazzler Had Become the Herald of Galactus?"

Diverging from Dazzler #11, Galactus decides against sparing Terrax for his rebellion and banishes him to the black hole, causing him to lose his axe in the process. Galactus makes Dazzler his new herald against her protests. She submits only for the sake that Earth will be spared from his hunger. As the cosmically-powered spaceways-skating Dazzler spends the ensuing centuries deliberately steering her master to worlds uninhabited by sentient life, she even manages to return a sense of sentimentality to him that comes out when he subtly rejects a world inhabited by sentient plants that she accidentally summoned him to.

When a group of aliens whose worlds were consumed by Galactus make use of the found axe of Terrax to make a cosmic weapon that nearly fatally injures Dazzler, Galactus reacts vengefully and wipes out the armada. When Dazzler recovers, she's furious that he didn't find a better way to resolve the conflict and refuses to help him any more. Still harboring a soft spot for her, Galactus grants her freedom from her bond. She immediately returns to Earth, but finds it long-since desolated by some apocalyptic war. Realizing she has nowhere else to go after so much time, she decides to return to Galactus.

"What If Iron Man Had Been Trapped in King Arthur's Time?"

Diverging from Iron Man #150, Doctor Doom decides to betray Iron Man and strands him in Camelot while using their combined work to return to the present alone. Unable to create a time machine or any other complex technology with the tools available, Tony ekes out a living as a member of the Round Table, defending Camelot from the forces of Morgan le Fey and Mordred with his solar-charged armor. When King Arthur and Mordred fell each other in a critical battle, Arthur names Sir Anthony, the Man of Iron as his successor.