Wolverine (vol 2) #20 NM

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Tiger Shark battles Wolverine under the water. Needing to get away, Tiger Shark traps Wolverine by shoving his adamantium claws a coral reef. Wolverine struggles to free himself while Tiger Shark takes off. Tiger Shark goes to the Tierra Verde medical center and with Geist accosts La Bandera. La Bandera manages to escape but Tiger Shark is on her tail, only for Wolverine to intercept him and knock him off a railing. At that same time, Sister Salvation heals Roughhouse, but only so he can be drugged up again. Wolverine and La Bandera find Roughhouse and free him and then head to the roof to get to their escape route: a helicopter. Wolverine, Roughhouse, Sister Salvation and La Bandera take off in the helicopter, but as soon as it's over the ocean, it is attacked by Tiger Shark, who leaps...