Wonder Woman (vol 2) #2 VF

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Steve Trevor and Etta Candy are flying a mission for General Kohler who is working for Ares. On Paradise Island, Diana is preparing for her mission. The goddesses are waiting for Hephaestus who is making the two Girdles of Gaea into the Lasso of Truth. It is then given to Artemis, then to Hermes who takes Diana by the hand as they disappear into a flash of light. Meanwhile, Trevor's plane loses control and goes into a spin but he manages to pull it back up. Diana and Hermes are flying above the home of Ares, and enters his home. He meets a woman named Harmonia who is the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite and gives her half an amulet. All of a sudden, Hermes calls Diana, telling her that her home is in trouble. The Amazons are preparing for a battle as a plane is seen flying out from the...