World's Finest Comics #175 FN

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The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads (Superman, Jimmy Olsen, Batman and Robin, guest starring Flash / written by Leo Dorfman : reprinted in: Super-Team Family #1) - Part I: The Superman-Batman Revenge Squads - Superman/Jimmy Olsen and Batman/Robin have their yearly contest to see which is the best crime fighting team. But this time, the Superman and Batman revenge squads try to sabotage it! Part II: To the Victor Comes Death! - The contest begins, and the challenges become increasingly deadlier than the contestants had expected! Cap's Hobby Hints (by Henry Boltinoff)The Strange Experiment of Dr. Erdel (Editors' Round Table choice starring John Jones: Manhunter From Mars / written by Jack Miller : reprinted from: Detective Comics #225) - Martian Manhunter origin story.