X-Force Annual (vol 1) #3 NM

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Danielle Moonstar and the Mutant Liberation Front (Reignfire, Forearm, Feral, Wildside) join forces with 3PEACE to take on China Force in "In Deep." Story by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Mike Wieringo, inks by John Lowe. Back-up tale: Siryn follows a lullaby to an unexpected place in "Siryn Song." Story by Jim Krueger, pencils by Arnie Jorgensen, inks by Bud LaRosa & John Lowe. Pin-ups by John K. Snyder (Cable & Domino), Larry Stroman (Warpath), Bryan Kong & Mike Sellers (Shatterstar), Steve Epting (Grizzly & Domino), Ken Lashley & Batt (Deadpool), Mark Pennington (Feral), Val Semeiks & Bob Wiacek (Boomer), Jim Fern & Andrew Pepoy (Shatterstar). Cover by Mike Wieringo. Cover price $2.95.