X-Force (vol 1) #29 NM

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Arcade sets up Shatterstar to fight the Cadre Alliance and then X-Treme in Murderworld. Meanwhile, Cable sees a very fragile team around him and calls Domino in to help. Tucked away in his mobile Murderworld, Arcade views various pictures and video of his next target Shatterstar. He instructs Ms. Locke to prepare the second target because things are going to start real soon. In Phoenix, Rictor drops Shatterstar off for a day of assimilation. Shatterstar is keen on learning first hand what Earth life is like. Rictor has his reservations but agrees to pick his friend up at six that night. At Camp Verde, Cannonball and Boomer prepare for a three week vacation in Kentucky with Cannonball's family. Boomer expresses concern about such a long time with family but Cannonball assures her that she will be loved. Cable wishes them well and then turns to find Tempo. He asks her if she'll stay with the team but she's not sure if she's even team material anymore. She flies away without committing to anything. In one of the bunkers, Siryn drinks as she analyzes what happened with Sunspot. She blames herself for his disappearance despite not being conscious for that part of the fight with the Mutant Liberation Front. Warpath confronts her drinking problem while also trying to soothe her mind about the Sunspot incident. He admits to Siryn that he likes her and she blows up at him since a person can't like someone who hates themselves. Her outburst knocks Warpath into some monitors and she storms out. Warpath walks out and tells Cable that his advice in relating how he feels about Siryn was bad advice. Cable realizes that he's having a hard time keeping this team together on his own so he makes a call to Domino and asks her to join him. She agrees. Shatterstar awakens to find himself captured and captive inside Murderworld. Suspecting his danger, Shatterstar removes his shirt. Arcade informs Shatterstar that he will be jumping through some hoops, the first of which is saving an innocent...