X-Men: The Hidden Years (vol 1) #4 NM

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Magneto tells Marvel Girl that he has been using his astral form to convince the locals of the Savage Land that he was an actual ghost killed by mutants, which lead to them worshipping and working with him. He has planned for the citadel and everything around it to explode, and has made provisions for an escape for himself and a few locals only. Angel is introduced to Avia, the winged creature who saved his life. He goes to aid Cyclops and Beast, who have found a huge escape ship located in the citadel. Marvel Girl telepathically informs Cyclops of her whereabouts, and after rescuing her, the three of them along with Angel and Avia attempt to escape in the escape ship they had located earlier. However, as a result of the volcanic eruptions taking place, the ship is falling apart, and Marvel Girl must try and use all her telekinetic powers to keep it together.