X-O Manowar (1992 1st Series) #4 VF-NM

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First appearance of Shadowman (cameo). Aric, the world's most heavily armed ancient barbarian, battles his way south in "King's Crossing." Characters: the Harbinger kids [Flamingo; Kris; Sting; Torque; Zepplin]; Jack Boniface [a.k.a. Shadowman] (not identified); Ken Clarkson; Todd Bevins (personal assistant to Toyo Harada); Toyo Harada; his bodyguards [Bremer; Chapman]; X-Caliber (in a photograph); X-O Manowar [also as Aric]. Written by Steve Englehart and Bob Layton, with art by Mike Manley, Ralph Reese and Tom Ryder. Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton. This issue does not have a card (coupon). Cover price $1.95.