X-Treme X-Men #21 NM

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A reporter talks about a murder in Alaska and the manhunt for the mutant suspect and also the shocking appearance of a man and woman, who appeared naked in Times Square. The two individuals are identified as Sage and Bishop and are taken by police to the precinct. Once there, two detectives question them about their knowledge of the murders in Alaska. Interrupting their questioning, a riot breaks out, in which Bishop and Sage saves the day by stopping a mutant’s involuntary rampage. The detectives release them in hopes that they will solve the Alaskan murder mystery. An hour later, Storm tries to reason with Emma Frost about Jeffrey Garret's admission to the school. Ending their conversation, Storm faces the reality of her fear of Emma. Emma, doing some investigative work of her own, takes herself and Jeffrey through Jeffrey's own memories. Jeffrey becomes scared, because of some of the memories, and teleports Emma over a frozen lake. Jeffrey saves Emma and apologizes for his reaction. Emma, exhausted, asks Jeffrey to teleport them home.  Xavier tries to contact Emma and ask her about the situation with Jeffrey. Emma does not respond though, calling concern for both the spying Sage and Xavier. Behind Emma, two red eyes glow and blood streaks down Emma's face. Xavier, not being able to find Emma, leaves worriedly. At Harry’s Hideaway, a drop of blood appears next to Sage's right eye and she knows that Bogan has Emma.

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